Transfers on departure -
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Transfers on departure

Airport transfers

Your airport departure transfer is free providing your flight home is from Athens airport on a weekend.


If you are departing on a Saturday, you will be travelling to the airport on Saturday morning. Depending on your time of departure you will be provided with lunch and participation in an activity before checking in at the airport.


The table below shows the planned arrangements for a Saturday drop-off.


If you check your departure time, you will get an idea of your Saturday arrangements.

Departure time Get to airportAirport loungeCheck inLunch Afternoon activity
Before 12:00By arrangement---
12:00 - 16:0011:00Wait till flight1 hour beforeLight packed -
16:00 - 21:0015:00Wait till flight1 hour beforeIn Athens-
21:00 -24:0020:00Wait till flight1 hour beforeIn Athens16:00 – 20:00
after 21:00By arrangement----

If you are departing on a Sunday, you will be travelling to Athens on Saturday morning. You will spend your Saturday in Athens, where you will be offered sightseeing tours and other activities. Depending on your time of departure, you may have the chance for further sightseeing on Sunday morning. Meals and accommodation will be provided.


This is a Sunday departures timetable; if you check your departure time you will get an idea of your Sunday arrangements.

Flight out departs at Get to airportAirport loungeCheck inLunch Morning activity
Before 8:00By arrangement--
08:00 - 12:0007:00Wait till flight1 hour before--
12:00 - 18:0011:00Wait till flight1 hour beforeLight packed -
after 18:0017:00Wait till flight1 hour beforeIn Athens10:00 – 16:00

If you are departing on any other day or time, which does not appear in the above tables, we can arrange transfer for you at extra cost.


If this is the case, we need to have from you all the necessary flight details, at least 5 weeks before the day of your inbound flight. These details should be sent to us by email. Upon receipt of your flight details we will email you an estimate ofA�your transfer costs. You will then need to make payment of the full extra cost,A�via a bank transfer or through charging a credit or debit card, at least 3 weeks before your arrival.


You may wish to find your own way home. This could only be acceptable for students aged 18+ or for groups accompanied by an escort of the appropriate age. If this is the case, you will need to declare and confirm your choice well in advance. If you wish, we may send you local travel information to assist you in planning your trip.