The beauty of Greece -
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The beauty of Greece

Every inch of Greece is beautiful. Not the regular run of the mill beautiful. The beauty of Greece is jaw-dropping, wow-inducing; mind-blowing beauty.


The Greek summer will be the most memorable and gorgeous of your life. Summer in Greece would win hands down any contest. Be it at one of the touristy Greek destinations, or somewhere off the beaten track the experience will stay with you for a long-long time.


Images of beautiful sunrises and sunsets coupled with those of clear waters and beautiful green mountains will captivate you.


When thinking of Greece, most people call to mind enchanting islands and sun-kissed beaches or maybe a landscape dotted with ancient ruins and temples.A� And, although they are not wrong, they tend to forget that there is more to Greece. Central Greece is eaqually beautiful with its rugged mountains, picturesque stone-built villages and wild landscape.

Local sightseeing


One of the places worth visiting in central Greece is Meteora. This huge Eastern Orthodox monastic complex is unlike anywhere else in the world. As if the unearthly landscapes of massive pillar-like mountains arena��t striking enough, monks have built huge monasteries ON TOP of them, which are standing have stood for about 600 years.


A view from Meteora is spectacular no matter where you stand, and it will make even the most seasoned traveler say a�?wowa�? out loud.A� While Greece is full of beautiful vistas and spectacular sites, youa��d be hard-pressed to find a site more unique and with so many fabulous views as you will get in Meteora.

The Sporades Islands

Going back to the islands, one would need volumes to talk about the beauty of each single one of them. The Sporades, however, have not only the beauty, but also the proximity to make us hold them dearer to our hearts. Legend says that the gods created the Sporades Islands by throwing coloured pebbles into the Aegean Sea. The myth is reflected in the name Sporades, which means a�?the scattered ones,a�? and in the colours of their lush green hills, their sapphire blue waters and their sandy beaches. Located off the east coast of Greece, the Sporades archipelago includes four permanently inhabited islands, each offering a unique travel experience. From vibrant Skiathos with its gorgeous beaches and active nightlife to the picturesque landscapes of remote Skyros, the Sporades have something special to offer every visitor in search of a memorable island vacation.

National Marine park of Alonissos

The National Marine Park of Alonissos and The Northern Sporades was the first marine park established in Greece and is currently the largest marine protected area in Europe. The National Marine Park of Alonissos and The Northern Sporades is a member of the MedPAN (Network of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean). Founded in 2003 and funded within the framework of the a�?Environment and Sustainable Developmenta�? operational programme, its management body is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the management plan relative to the Marine Park.

Mount Pelion

Mount PelionA�forms a hook-like peninsula between the Pagasitic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. Almost entirely enclosed by land, the gulf remains warm enough to swim in all year-round. With a ski resort at the summit, the locals boast that you can ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon.


The mountains are entirely forested, with beech, oak, maple and chestnut trees. Pelion is a tourist attraction throughout the year. The mountain includes trails and sidewalks for walking and many small and large beaches with sand or pebbles. Modern Pelio has twenty-four villages built in traditional Pelion architecture.


Every single one of the mountain villages of Pelion is well worth a visit. As they were built at a time when the coast was still unsafe from pirate raids, most of the Pelion villages are tucked away from the beaches. At the foot of Pelion is the city of Volos, the biggest city of Magnesia the Eastern region of Thessaly.


The Pelion PeninsulaA�is criss-crossed by cobbled paths, taking you from sea level to the mountain villages and even from coast to coast. It provides probably the best walking paths anywhere in Greece.


You are spoiled for choice of beautiful beaches in Pelion. The west side looking at the Pagasitic Gulf has smaller sandy beaches with calm waters, while the beaches on the east, looking at the Aegean sea, are huge and sandy with deep waters and sometimes big waves. Many of the beaches in Pelion have been awarded the title of a�?Blue Flaga�?, meaning that their waters are crystal clear and refreshing! But the most important thing is that they are quiet and mostly used by the locals!