Student services team -
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Student services team

The mission of our SST (Student Services Team) is to make your stay with us, as enjoyable as it can be


To this intend they will endeavour to:


  • run successfully all the programmed daily activities for you
  • organize other activities to suit your requests
  • plan an make available to you further choices of excursions and trips
  • provide detailed info and guides to other available activities upon request
  • assist you with making any arrangements necessary
  • assign a guide who will accompany you on your outings (if one is needed)
  • inform you of any additional costs wherever applicable

We will provide assistance with communication:


  • The SST leader will provide you with a telephone number 24/7 for you to use if the need might arise.
  • If your mobile phone card does not have roaming function in or if roaming is very expensive, the SST leader will provide you with a Greek prepaid mobile phone card for the duration of your stay.
  • In the event of loss or malfunction of your mobile phone, our Student Services Team will provide you with a telephone for the period of your stay.

We will provide assistance with welfare matters:


  • The SST members are all trained First Aiders for immediate reaction should a case of health problem or accident arises.
  • There are First Aid kits available at all places where students would congregate, such as the accommodation areas, the classrooms and on the coaches used.
  • The SST leader will be in direct contact with the doctor on duty and will be able to provide medical attention at short notice should the case arise.

I�ssistance will be provided with any bookings you will may wish to make:


  • The SST will help you book any trips (ie. to the nearby islands) you may want to take either on your own or with your friends.
  • Similarly they will help you book activities such as sports sessions, horse riding, sailing, tennis, etc.

We will provide guidance whenever it is needed:


Shopping: If you need to buy souvenirs or presents for you family back home, the SST will guide you to find your way around the city.

Local food: The SST will help you to explore the various tastes of the Greek cuisine.

Entertainment: For our adult students the SST will provide an insight into the way the Greeks entertain themselves.