Summer Camp 13/16 -
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Summer Camp 13/16

Camp Dates

The weeks, during which our Teens Summer Camp (for ages between 13 and 16) is operational are shown below. Here you can also see our pick-up and drop-off dates.

You may choose to join us for any one, or two, or more weeks, up to a maximum of six.A�The above-indicated programme may stretch to incorporate further dates if bookings call for it.


This is also one of the programmes, which is very much concerned with the safety of the participating students; however, participants are treated a little more like adults, which means that they will have more of a say regarding their daily activities and how they choose to spend their free time.


Safety and welfare is of prime concern here with a camp doctor available on a 24/7 basis.

This course is ideal for students between the ages of 14 and 16 years old at the time of arrival, and a good choice forA�more independent 13 year olds.

The course

Classes are taught by experienced teachers, who are especially trained to deal with the needs of learners of this age group. The minimum language level of ability for intake is that of (WAYSTAGE) A2 level in terms of the CEFR (the Common European Framework).


There are four 45-minute classes every morning, but no classes in the afternoon.

TheA�programme incorporates a variety of age-related activities and excursions to choose from.


Food is carefully selected for young healthy diets, yet there will be room for personally pre-selected choices. At the same time all special medical and religious food requests will be observed.


Free computer usage and Internet access will be available at set times on a daily basis for emails and Skype communication with families.


Escorting adults will be accepted for half price if they accompany 7 students or more. Escort cost coverage includes 50% of the cost of accommodation, subsistence, transfers and participation in programmed activities, but tuition and non programmed activities are excluded. Escorts wishing to accompany fewer than 7 students will need to pay the percentage of the cost that would be covered by the remaining students. Minimum age of accompanying escorts to be 22.

Costs & Payments

DurationCost in EuroMinimum advance deposit at time of bookingPay-off 5 weeks prior to arrival at the latestPocket money for personal use
1 week870 €170 €700 €Between 100 and 200 €
2 weeks1630 €330 €1300 €Between 200 and 400 €
3 weeks2390 €490 €1900 €Between 300 and 500 €
4 weeks3170 €670 €2500 €Between 400 and 600 €
5 weeks3950 €750 €3200 €Between 500 and 600 €
6 weeks4700 €900 €3800 €Between 600 and 650 €
If booking is accepted less than 5 weeks before the time of arrival, the total cost is paid in advance.
Cancellations taking place within 5 weeks of the expected arrival will result in the loss of the minimum deposit payment, while any remaining funds will be returned to the client.